Henry Curchod
Feigning Indifference: in conversation

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I was thinking, the other day, about our current predicament, specifically in relation to the big auction houses. They define a genre of their auctions as ‘Post-war’. Will they have ‘Post-pandemic’ auctions to bookend the vague and horizonless ‘Contemporary’ and ‘Post-internet’ genres? Or a ‘Post-climate’ auction? I guess these thoughts stem from a desire to bookend our current reality for the sake of morale. Perhaps it is fitting that the show depicts attempts at bookending gravity—a notoriously elusive and ever-present force—as a way of building a kind of metaphor for our struggle with the concept of freedom. – Henry Curchod

Gallerist Dan du Bern discusses painting and its potency in contemporary culture with Australian artist Henry Curchod on the occasion of his exhibition Sharing the Sky at Sumer.


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September 7, 2021
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