Lily McRae

Lily McRae’s paintingstransform everyday, even mundane, slices of nature into images that are exquisite and mysterious. Her practice is informed by an interest in object-oriented ontology, materialist feminism and films such as Picnic at Hanging Rock and Stalker. Her paintings originate from photographs she has taken, and she notices things others don’t. There is certainly a Peter Weir energy to these paintings too—they are quiet, shimmery, and beautiful, but also with a dark undertone. She has a meticulous hand, and an eye for the strange, and forgotten corners of the world around us.


Lily McRae (b. 1996, Wellington, New Zealand) lives and works in Wellington, New Zealand. She is a recent graduate of Massey University, Wellington where she was the recipient of the 2018 Harry van Der Lecq scholarship. Recent exhibitions include: The Bower (with Miles Hendricks and Nichola Shanley), Sumer, Tauranga (2020) and Breadcrumbs, Suite, Wellington (2019).